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  • WEB-Pages: Passt Corporation provides its WEB-Pages as a pure information platform for persons/parties potentially interested in the company, its business purpose, service portfolio, contributors, etc. There won’t be ascertained any access data (and thus no such data are stored, analyzed or used for any other purposes), nor are “cookies” being employed. Hence, anyone may access (and hopefully enjoy) the WEB-Pages of Passt Corporation in an absolutely anonymous way.
  • Personal Data, which do only exist within Passt Corporation in connection with own employees, private contract partners (associates, private customers) as well as with contact persons of other contract partners (partner companies, suppliers, service providers, customers) and authorities, are processed under consideration of the EU-specific Data Protection Regulations (EU-DSGVO) and the German BDSG as well as by taking into account any other relevant legal provision. In principle, only such personal data of the concerned natural person are processed, which are necessary in order to prepare a binding offer or to orderly execute a contract. The processed personal data are regularly address/title, first name(s), surname(s), postal address, email address, telephone numbers (landline and/or mobile), if necessary … FAX number, if necessary … bank account data, and in justified cases also the date of birth. This is done exclusively for the purposes to be able … to identify the contact person of the contract partner or the contract partner itself, to advise her/him in an adequate manner, to comply with the contractual obligations towards the contract partner and the fundamental legal obligations, to exchange notes, letters, etc., to prepare/submit invoices and, if necessary, reminders, as well as to potentially process claims against the contract partner. On principle, a transmission of personal data to third parties is not carried out. Respective exceptions do only apply, if the transmission of personal data were necessary in the frame of contractual relations. This especially includes the disclosure to service providers (processors) employed by Passt Corporation or other third parties, whose contribution is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract (e.g. shipping companies or banks). The transmitted personal data must not be used by the third parties for other purposes than the ones agreed upon.
  • A company-internal register containing all company-specific processing activities is available and is being continuously maintained.
  • Consent and Revocation Proviso: If personal data are used (currently or in the future) for a purpose that requires according to the legal regulations a consent of the respective natural person, this individual has been / will be explicitly requested to grant her/his consent, which had to be or needs to be documented, respectively. The related consent can be revoked by the respective natural person at any time.
  • Right of Information, Correction, Deletion: Any concerned natural person has got the right to request (at any time and free of charge) any information about the origin, the form and extent of the storing as well as the usage of her/his personal data. Moreover, a natural person is entitled to ask for the correction of personal data as well as for their deletion in the case that the storage of the data is not allowed or nor necessary anymore, respectively. Personal data are deleted, once they are not needed anymore or not to be archived anymore according to legal obligations, respectively. (Legally required retention periods regularly extend over a time span of 6, 8 or 10 years, beginning at the end of the calendar year when the contractual relation got terminated. Exceptionally, this does not apply, if Passt Corporation is obliged to archive the data for a longer period of time due to German tax or commercial law related regulations (as per AO, HGB or StGB), or if a natural person accepted that her/his personal data are stored for longer periods).
  • Right of Data Transferability: Furthermore, a right of data transferability does exist, i.e. a natural person can request that her/his personal data are transferred in a structured, common and machine-readable format; alternatively, a direct transmission of personal data to another responsible processor can be requested, insofar as possible.
  • Right of Appeal: A natural person may complain to the responsible supervisory authority competent for Passt Corporation, e.g. if it is believed that her/his personal data are processed in an incorrect and/or illegal manner. The supervisory authority competent for Passt Corporation is: Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht in 91522 Ansbach (see ).
  • Responsible contact partner in accordance with EU-DSGVO: See Contact